Who Has the Best Marketing Team in Sydney Olympic Park?

The BrandPro Challenge will discover which company has the best marketers in Sydney Olympic Park

$500 prize for the company social fund, trophy for winners.

Competitors are in charge of marketing two brands in the BrandPRO world . Your objective is to maximize the value of your company represented by your Share Price Index (SPI).

(see https://www.spjain.edu.au/decide-brand-marketing )

Over the course of 5 simulated years, your team will have to make:

  • Product decisions: Influence brand positioning through research & development
  • Pricing decisions: Influence brand positioning through pricing
  • Positioning decisions: Influence brand positioning through communication (and perceptual objectives).

Exploiting market research studies effectively will be the  key to be successful. 

The Rules:

  • Each team has two participants
  • BrandPro will run for three hours including briefing – starts at 12 midday.
  • Free entry for the first team from your company – each subsequent team $395 plus gst
  • If you have completed this simulation before you are not eligible to enter
  • If we have over 48 entrants, participants will need to bring their own laptop
  • There are time limits one each round to when decisions must be made. If you don’t run the decision in the timeframe the computer will make the decisions for you

Time:  12pm Midday on Tuesday 3rd July

Venue – SP Jain School of Global Management, 5 Figtree Drive, Sydney Olympic Park

Enter at https://www.spjain.edu.au/decide-brand-marketing 

In association with the Sydney Olympic Park Business Association