Keeping Your Data Safe - The Long Term Strategy

As an IT company one of the calls we hate the  most goes something like this: "I received an email from Australia Post (the ATO, PayPal…any reputable organisation), but when I clicked on the link all my files became inaccessible and I received a request for ransom; can you please unlock my files for me?"

The short answer to that is NO. We cannot unlock your files, only the creator of the very clever code that encrypted them can.

So, is there anything we CAN do? Of course! We can restore all your data from your most recent backup, with minimal data loss, if any.

You DO have reliable, off-site backups, which replicate all of your machine, right? If you don't your data is gone for good unless you pay up.

It is important to understand that a Cryto-locker virus will also upload itself onto your cloud filesharing applications, affecting what you may believe are your backups. 

So, what can CHILL IT do to ensure your business is not crippled by a devastating Cryptolocker? Scammers are getting smarter and smarter, so at CHILL IT we never stop updating our strategies to ensure we keep up with their developments. We choose a smart anti-virus that learns and updates itself; we install the latest firewalls to ensure less scams get through. And we use backup software that replicates the image of your computer and stores safely in our cloud. We also offer education on learning how to identify a bogus email address, empowering you and ensuring you have all the tools to keep your business cyber-safe. 

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