Free Flu Vaccinations from Olympus Medical Centre

Olympus Medical Centre in Sydney Olympic Park will be providing FREE Flu vaccinations this month.

Anticipated delivery is mid to late March and all Flu vaccinations will be free to valid Medicate card holders.

Call 02 9746 3377 to make your appointment now.

Flu is caused by influenza viruses and is spread mainly by coughing, sneezing and close contact.  Anyone can get the flu and it can strike suddenly and last several days.  Symptoms vary by age but can included fevers/chills. sore throats, muscle aches, fatigure, a cough, headaches and a runny or stuffy nose.

Flu is more dangerous and of greatest risk to infants and young children, people over 65 years or age, pregnant women and people with certain health conditions or with a weakened immune system.

A Flu vaccine can help you from getting the flu, makes it less severe if you do get, and keeps you from spreading it to other people.