Students, Pedestrians and Cyclists Benefit from New Bicentennial Park Bridge

Bicentennial Park’s popular Badu mangroves pathway will remain open for students, pedestrians and cyclists during high tides and heavy rain events as a result of a new innovative bridge that has been installed to connect the Waterbird Refuge and the Education Centre.

New technology was used to ‘future proof’ this important community asset, which has been by 0.5m to adapt to the rising levels of Powells Creek and the Parramatta River.

The new bridge takes a more sustainable approach by:

  • utilising a more robust material palette to reduce bridge maintenance costs associated with the former timber decking and salt corrosion of steel,
  • reducing public safety hazards from increasing frequency and longevity from king tide inundation events, and
  • considering future opportunities for education of tidal inundation adaption linked to the Manly Hydraulic Lab’s tidal measurement system network.

The bridge upgrade is part of the Authority’s ongoing improvement program to address ageing community assets and eliminate the impacts of tidal inundation and high rainfall ‘flood’ events.  The works involved constructing the higher bridge and increasing the height of approach paths, replacing hand rails, addressing erosion and painting.

Sydney Olympic Park Authority has delivered these works to protect important community infrastructure that supports the delivery of education programs and access to conservation areas and recreation opportunities for cyclists and walkers who frequent the area.