Herbalife Family Foundation - A Decade of Support for The Infants' Home to Improve Health and Nutrition of Children in Need

Members and employees of global nutrition company, Herbalife Nutrition, will visit The Infants’ Home in Sydney to host activities for the charitable organisation’s children on Monday 21 August. They will also meet and welcome newly appointed CEO of The Infants’ Home, Elizabeth Robinson.  

Herbalife Nutrition are proud to join with Elizabeth to continue to support the community efforts of The Infants’ Home. The Infants’ Home is one of the three non-profit organisations that the Herbalife Family Foundation supports in Australia through its flagship Casa Herbalife Program.

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with the Herbalife Family Foundation and greatly value their long term support of our health and nutrition programs for children and families at The Infants’ Home. These programs help benefit all children in our early childhood education and care centres. We feel honoured to be supported by the Herbalife Family Foundation in Australia, and congratulate them on their ongoing support of organisations like ours that seek to help the community,” Elizabeth said.

“It is with great pleasure that we host the Herbalife Nutrition team for an exciting morning of activities with the children, and allow them to witness first-hand the benefits they provide to our children,” Elizabeth added.

The Herbalife Family Foundation is a global non-profit organisation that provides grants to deliver better nutrition to children in their programs and communities. The Infants’ Home is an organisation that provides daily services in early childhood education, early intervention and clinical health support for up to 300 children. The Herbalife Family Foundation has supported The Infants’ Home and their ‘Head Start on Health’ program for over 10 years. The core focus of the ‘Head Start on Health’ project is to improve the health, nutrition and wellbeing of the children in the organisation’s integrated early childhood services. The project aims to benefit all children, with an emphasis on promoting health and wellbeing to children and families with a high level needs due to disability, vulnerability or health issues.

As part of the ‘Head Start on Health’ program, children not only learn about nutrition but even grow their own vegetables. Children can take these skills into their futures and help reduce the negative impacts poor health and nutrition can have on themselves and the wider community, both economically and socially.

The Infants’ Home has expressed their gratitude to the Herbalife Family Foundation, and are excited for the group of Herbalife Nutrition members and employees to join them on Monday 21 August for a morning tea and a ‘mini-carnival’ for the children, which includes face-painting, games, balloon twisting and a soccer clinic hosted by Herbalife Nutrition sponsored Western Sydney Wanderers FC.

Rod Taylor, General Manager of Herbalife Nutrition Australia and New Zealand, values the importance of giving back to the community, and continuously works with the Herbalife Nutrition team to help organisations deliver nutrition and nutrition education programs to disadvantaged children within Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

“In Australia, we provide funding and volunteer assistance to The Infants’ Home in Sydney, The Lighthouse Foundation in Melbourne, and The Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation. I am thrilled to continue our support of The Infants’ Home, and look forward to working with Elizabeth to ensure our support results in positive outcomes for the whole community,” Rod said.